Maxi T Online UPS

The MaxiT & Towerranges of UPS units are designed and manufactured in South Africa to meet South African conditions and provide the highest reliability possible in support of the critical types of loads it supplies.

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Tower 3300 Online UPS

3300 Series of Three Phase UPS features efficient Double Conversion ONLINE topology providing the highest reliability, stability and continuous clean power to all critical types of external loads. Ideal for Servers, Data-centers, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Medical, Lighting, Telecom and Industry.

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Servo motor-controlled voltage stabilizers have a low energy consumption, over voltage protection, low voltage protection, over-current protection, over-loading protection, over temperature protection and energy conservation and environmental protection

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Battery Cabinets CAB-A01 / A40

A wide range of battery cabinets that can house 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 x 12V 100Ah batteries. Powder-coated cabinets designed for fixed installation, supplied in kit form for assembly on site. Ideal for use with UPS, Inverters, DC Banks or Solar Systems.

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Annsco Power - UPS - SH Series

SH Series Inverter UPS 1-5KVA

The SH series is the ultimate sine wave inverter for houses, offices, security, factories and recreational use. These units can be used for anything within its specifications. Pure sine wave output makes this unit a must have for equipment where power outages range from 2 – 12 hours.

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Desktop PDU

Two Shucko two pins & two RSA three pin outlets
Ideal for desktop or under desk mounting
Daisy chain to multiple work stations or dedicated feed
Stand alone or fixed position

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