At Annsco Power, we offer a comprehensive backup solution, from assessing your particular backup power system needs, through to professional installation. We have teamed up with local qualified electricians, to carry out all our larger installations. Working with our certified staff, we will ensure seamless integration with minimum impact to your business, completing every job within time and budgetary limits.

We focus on professional electrical efforts around all the products and services we supply. This includes the installation and maintenance of:

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems
  • Inverters
  • Generators
  • Solar- or battery-operated systems

Benefits of using Annsco Power as an electrical supplier


Our electrical Team has years of experience with all Annsco Power products, and there is no issue too complex to be resolved.


The risk of electrical accidents is extremely high when using an inexperienced electrical supplier. With Annsco Power, you can be assured we put safety first.

Cost-effective and quick:

When you choose Annsco Power as an electrical supplier, you can trust that a professional is on the job from the get-go. This means no costly fix-ups and downtime after completion.


Our Electrical Team is certified which means a thorough grounding in all electrical installations and repairs, and no insurance risk. With Annsco Power, every electrical installation follows all industry regulations, ensuing you’re health and safety-compliant.

When you’re investing in high-quality back-up power equipment, you want to get the most of it by ensuring it’s installed by industry professionals. With Annsco Power, you’re working with the best every step of the way.

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