An unstable electrical supply can have disastrous – and extremely costly – consequences for critical equipment and valuable data. This is why installing a reliable standby power system is so important, but it’s also why partnering with a monitoring provider is equally vital. Annsco Power provide efficient, high-quality backup power system monitoring to ensure you have 24-hour connectivity and system protection.

All our backup power systems are remote monitoring-enabled with a web-based monitoring solution. In today’s Internet environment, we are able to track the performance and functionality of all units remotely, alerting you to impending problems early on for rapid response. This means we are able to rectify any issues before failure occurs.

What the remote monitoring services involve:

  • Monitoring of battery temperature and voltage
  • Checking resistance values
  • Environmental variables
  • Monitoring security and access
  • Checking points of power use
  • Processing load variations
  • Provision of regular status reports
  • Analysis of trends over time

Need Analysis

Engineering a solution to resolve your exacting needs are our forte. We take the time to engage with every customer, providing a thorough needs’ analysis for every job, so that we can tailor a backup solution to suit the individual application.

Our highly-specialised team at Annsco Power has in-depth knowledge of our extensive product range, and can visit your establishment to perform a thorough needs’ analysis before suggesting a course of action. During this assessment, a number of factors will be considered before a recommendation is made:

  • Sizing exercises to establish project parameters. If you run a standby power system on too high or light a load, you can damage the equipment and reduce the system’s reliability.
  • Site surveys to assess the environment in which the system will be operated, including altitude, temperature and space.
    Technical considerations including load profiles with peaks.
  • Budgeting constraints will also form part of this assessment.

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In addition to a thorough needs’ analysis and recommendation report, Annsco Power is able to perform the expert installation using our qualified electrical supplier. We are also a preferred commissioning partner, testing the system extensively, and can provide a remote monitoring solution, maintenance and repairs.

At Annsco Power, we provide a holistic standby power systems’ service. Once we’ve determined what system will best meet your operation’s needs, we are happy to assist with every step, from installation through to ongoing aftercare support. For us, the customer always comes first.