Once Annsco Power has assisted you in finding the perfect backup power system for your organisation, we are happy to be your installation partner as well. Because when it comes to correct installation, there are many aspects to consider:

Product knowledge:

Our highly-skilled technicians have intimate knowledge of our extensive product range. As your installation partner, you can be assured everything will be done in line with international requirements and regulations. At Annsco Power, we believe there is no room for error!


Our certified electrician will ensure the system installation follows all local compliance standards and regulations.


Once the installation is completed, our team of technical experts will perform thorough testing to ensure that everything is working as it should. We will then provide you with a step-by-step breakdown on how the system works, so that when we leave your site, you’re fully prepared to operate the system.

What are the dangers of incorrect installation?

  • Overloaded systems can impact the functioning, damage the equipment and even harm your connected load.
  • Incorrectly wired systems can result in electrical shock, confusion and even fire.
  • Product Warranties can be adversely effected by incorrect installation and operation.

Beyond the professional installation, Annsco Power provides valuable aftercare support for all our customers. This included remote system monitoring, to catch any potential system failures, as well as routine maintenance and repairs where needed.

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