The Maxi T & Tower Ranges of UPS units are designed and manufactured in South Africa to meet South African conditions and provide the highest reliability possible in support of the critical types of loads it supplies.


  • Advanced techniques

  • Simplicity of design and minimised use of components

  • Utilising a quality manufacturing process

  • Rigorous testing to ensure that when the product is placed in service it will deliver many years of trouble free operation

  • Ease of service

  • All units are housed in compact aesthetically pleasing cabinets, which include a user friendly digital front panel

  • A static and manual switch are included as standard to enhance reliability and ease of maintenance

  • All units are extremely efficient and based on the PWM design using IGBT power devices.

    As a result the units operate at a very low noise level

  • The units are suited for any type of load f

    From switch mode power supplies as found in computers, to industrial type loads such as rectifiers, motors, etc