The Power Series transformer based on-line double conversion UPS’s are best known for their durability and performance. These units are built for the harsh power conditions Africa has to offer. Our Power Series UPS’s are transformer based, therefore allowing the best possible protection there is to offer. With a lifespan of more than 15 years, these units should be seen as an investment for your company.


Critical Servers, Storage Applications and Other Networking Equipment

Annsco Power-UPS-GP Series


  • True on-line double conversion design providing all power protection

  • Zero transfer time on AC mode to/from battery mode, AC mode to/from bypass mode

  • IGBT inverter design

  • Wide Input voltage windows

  • Pure sine wave output with less than 3% THD

  • Expandable backup time

  • Generator compatible

  • Generator compatible

  • Cold start

  • Load/Battery power meter display

  • Overload, on-line, battery status

  • LED/LCD display

  • Advanced battery management

  • Automatic charging in UPS off mode

  • Smart RS-232 communication port

  • Optional SNMP card and dry card