Annsco Power - UPS - SH Series

SH Series Inverter UPS 1-5KVA

The SH series is the ultimate sine wave inverter for houses, offices, security, factories and recreational use. These units can be used for anything within its specifications. Pure sine wave output makes this unit a must have for equipment where power outages range from 2 – 12 hours.

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IVR-1200 – 2400BKS Inverter

The Mecer IVR 1200 and 2400 BKS Inverter is a simulated sinewave inverter with wide input voltage range, 12VDC or 24VDC available. Overload and short circuit protection, LCD display for comprehensive information with optional solar charger

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BBONE Power Supply

Uninterrupted Power Supply:
Simulated sine wave inverter
Wide input voltage range
10A or 20A standard AC charging current
LCD display for comprehensive information
Overload, short circuit and reverse polarity protection

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